How ‘Quick Food for Carers’ started

It all came about from the work we do with carers, specifically around organising activities, trips out, short-breaks or just an afternoon chat with tea and coffee.  Through these we are always discussing the life circumstances of carers, so we have an ongoing understanding of the varying situations and the evel of impact it has.  What this also enables us to do is discuss ideas of how their lives can be improved.  And this is how ‘Quick Food for Carers’ came about.

When carers have minimal time, effort within themselves or support and their focus is on getting things done, not thinking about what wonderful creative dinner can they have or cook for their family, we wanted to reverse this.  Why can’t a carer enjoy cooking and do something different?

It doesn’t always take lots of time or need extra special ingredients.  We set to thinking and up came to mind was Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals (in theory quick and easy food), Hairy Bikers (home cooking we can all relate to and they get out and about in the community) and Saturday Morning Kitchen (which is relaxing to watch, has guests who chat and specialist cooks/chefs).

Ah ha, why don’t we create all of this for carers??  Hhhhhmmmm… one crazy idea and many thoughts of how do we actually achieve it, we’ve done it/are doing it.  With great thanks to those who have got involved so far.

Quick Food for Carers was launched during the National Carers Week 12th – 18th June 2017, with a weekly broadcast every Thursday at 12noon.  Plus, we create and post #FoodHacks and #FoodFactoids on social media.  We very much want as many people getting involved with this, posting their Food Hacks, Food Factoids, quick food dishes for carers that they’ve cooked (with a photo) with the recipe or ones for us to cook.

We will also be out and about visiting carers within the community and their homes to help them cook something.  The more we can all do through ‘Quick Food for Carers’ the more carers will benefit from our collective support.

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