Family Carer Support Manager

Hours:                     Full Time

Remuneration:      £27,000 per annum + Holidays and Benefits

Location:                 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Plus travel as required

Our Search

We’re looking for a passionate person who has experience of working with and providing support to unpaid carers/family carers, understands their needs, the life circumstances they face and opportunities that are and are not available to them.

This role will involve working directly with the Senior Management Team, being an influencer in strategic decisions as well as delivery of services. It is a key role for ensuring the FamilyCarersNet services supporting unpaid carers is fit for purpose through internal communication of carer needs so we can deliver our social objectives.

You will have the autonomy and responsibility for leading carer support services online and by phone, as well as influencing partner support services, liaising with other senior members as required to ensure this is as effective as possible.

Role Responsibilities

It’s an all encompassing role whereby you will be required to take the lead of internal teams and external partners, with the freedom to develop new initiatives and ground-breaking ideas. This a fantastic opportunity for you to shine, show your credentials and ability to deliver great family carer support-led activity that achieves a positive impact.

Your role will include, but is not exhaustive to:

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Leading and managing online and telephone support services (e.g., non-complex preventative assessments and support planning, peer support, emergency planning information, advice, guidance and listening support)
  • Managing a team of family carer advisor and volunteers
  • Drive the development and management of the CRM Database (Charitylog)
  • Research and understanding of stakeholder needs
  • Family carer needs research and assessment
  • Managing, recruiting and developing a team (paid and volunteers)
  • Input into social impact measurement
  • Performance management and reporting

Experience and Expertise

You may not have experience across every family carer support channel and service, but you will understand family carer support and services generally, have a solid grasp of current trends and changes of Government legislation, plus experience of leading people and delivering family carer support services.

There’ll be ongoing training and development so you can become an absolute superstar within our social business, this sector and continue your expertise as a Family Carer Support Manager. Accompanying this is the opportunity for you to further your career, should you wish.

Confidence, passion, drive, commitment, good communication and people skills will of course be needed.


FamilyCarersNet is innovative and unique in our sector and we are constantly pushing boundaries and driving things forward. We believe everything is possible and always want to improve on the now. Our culture is one where people are relaxed, enjoy themselves, have the opportunity to exceed and excel, are challenged, encouraged to break boundaries, identify the new and be part of a team delivering damn good work. We’re very passionate about what we do. Our commitment and drive is unerring.

We don’t ask people to conform to a strict or specific way. We are all different, individual and unique. We like this and want people to stay like it. It’s what makes us who we are. But being polite, respectful, well mannered and professional is the conduct we ask and expect of everyone.

For You

If you’re ready for something new, different and to push boundaries, where you can take ownership and responsibility for leading the family carer support services of a growing and thriving social business, whose cause is about helping people, in particular family carers, then it’s likely this role and our culture is a fit for you.

We want like-minded people to be part of, contribute to and rewarded for their involvement in the success of FamilyCarersNet. If you’re now thinking about you in this role and what you could do, then it’s likely you could be a good fit.

How To Apply

Email your CV, a supporting statement and required additional information to [email protected] or by post, addressed to ‘HR’ – see full address below. We’ll review it and shall be in touch to let you know if we too feel there’s a good fit.

Full details of the Family Carers Manager role can be downloaded here as a pdf.

All the best,


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