Are you eligible for Carer Support

Are you eligibility for Carer Support

Have You Been Assessed for Carer Support Eligibility?

Your local authority must:

  • establish and maintain a service for providing people in its area with information and advice relating to care and support for adults and support for carers
  • ensure appropriate steps are taken to prevent, delay or reduce the escalation of care and support needs.

If you’re not eligible for Carer Support

If the local authority deems that a person’s needs are not eligible, it must provide information and advice on:

  • Meeting or reducing the needs e.g.:
    • the choice of types of care and support, and the choice of providers available in the community for the adult or their carer
    • how to access the care and support that is available
    • planning for future care and support needs
    • how to access independent financial advice on matters relevant to the meeting of needs for care and support.
  • Any package of information provided to the adult or carer should be tailored to reflect the needs of the individual, to prevent future needs and delay deterioration. This will ensure people are helped to access local services, which may be provided by the local authority or by another organisation.

The local authority must also take action to prevent or delay the development of needs, considered at different levels:

  • primary prevention/promoting wellbeing (e.g. by supporting access to universal services)
  • secondary prevention/early intervention (e.g. targeted support to provide a few hours of support to a carer, or adaptations at home to reduce the likelihood of falls)
  • tertiary prevention/intermediate care and reablement (e.g. support to regain specific skills or provide support to improve a carer’s life).

If you’re eligible for Carer Support

Things the local authority must do:

  • Establish whether there are needs that the local authority must meet. Everyone will receive a written record of that decision, whether their needs are eligible or not.
  • If the person or carer does have eligible needs, the local authority is required to establish the adult’s ordinary residence and carry out a financial assessment … and consider the support (of whatever form) that could be provided to meet those needs.
  • The regulations prescribe the minimum level of needs which local authorities must meet. Local authorities can decide to arrange services to meet needs at a lower level.

Following a determination that the adult in need of care and support, or the carer with support needs, is eligible for support, the local authority undertakes a detailed care and planning support process. This process is separate to the assessment and eligibility determination, and the local authority will need to satisfy the following before proceeding to plan to meet the agreed needs:

  • The local authority should discuss with the adult how their eligible needs will be met.
  • Establish the adult is ordinarily resident in the local authority’s area.
  • Conduct a financial assessment.
  • Proceed to care and support planning, considering:
    • information and advice
    • what needs may already be met by a carer
    • what preventative services may be relevant.
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