Care Act 2014

Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 is very important for unpaid carers, it is Government legislation that enforces local authorities (for example your County Council) to assess a person’s needs and eligibility for receiving financial support and care.

A local authority must:

  • Carry out an assessment of anyone who may require care and support, regardless of their life circumstances.
  • Assess the person’s needs and how these impact on their health and wellbeing, understanding and detailing the outcomes that person wishes to achieve.
  • Involve the person, their carer or other designated person, with the assessment.
  • Provide access to an independent advocate to support the person’s involvement in the assessment, if required.
  • Give due diligence to other factors, besides care services, that can contribute to the desired outcomes
  • Use the national minimum threshold to judge eligibility for publicly funded care and support.

When the assessment is being undertaken, there is a simple flowchart used:

If you're Eligible for Carer Support,